Spreading the News

Grade Range: 3-5
Resource Type(s): Lessons & Activities, Worksheets
Duration: 90 Minutes
Date Posted: 11/20/2008

This activity is a guided Internet hunt, or "Web quest," in which children play the role of newspaper reporters in order to research, write, and publish an article about the history of the Star-Spangled Banner. Children will be better able to synthesize ideas and facts in written and artistic products and ask and seek answers to historical questions. It is included in an OurStory module entitled Making the Star-Spangled Banner. OurStory is a series of modules designed to help children and adults enjoy exploring history together through the use of objects from the Museum's vast collections, quality children's literature, and engaging hands-on activities. Ideal for afterschool use, OurStory resources allow children to think critically, to be creative, and to achieve academic standards both in and out of the classroom.

National Standards

Historical Thinking Standards (Grades K-4)

Standards For English Language Arts (Grades K-12)

Standards in History (Grades K-4)

United States History Standards (Grades 5-12)

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