Field Gun Captured at Saratoga

Grade Range: K-12
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Date Posted: 12/30/2009

Fought in 1777 in northern New York state, the Battle of Saratoga was a major battle of the Revolutionary War. Benedict Arnold, who had not yet turned traitor, was a leader of the American offensive, which forced the surrender of British troops under General John Burgoyne. In the first battle at Saratoga, the British lost two men for every one American casualty. In terms of ground gained, however, both sides fought to a draw. In the second battle, British losses were four to one. The rebels' victory was overwhelming. After many negotiations, Burgoyne officially surrendered on October 17, 1777.

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related artifact "Towne of Boston" Flintlock Musket

American flintlock musket, .69 caliber, with "TOWNE OF BOSTON" branded into the stock.


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