Blog Post: Stories of the Mexican Revolution

Grade Range: 5-12
Resource Type(s): Reference Materials
Date Posted: 7/13/2012

In this post, students will learn about the interdependence and interconnectedness of Mexico and the U.S., especially during the late 19th and early 20th century and its impact on the Mexican Revolution. The Revolution spanned twenty years, involving two nations and several colorful public figures. The Revolution encouraged the development of music and culture, changed the everyday lives of people, and had political and social repercussions that continue today. Protection of economic and political interests drove the U.S. to intervene in Mexico both politically and militarily. The rural Mexican poor wanted redistribution of land, while others in Mexico called for a more even distribution of wealth. The resulting violence caused mass migration from Mexico to the U.S., creating strong communities of Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Written by L. Stephen Velasquez, Associate Curator in Division of Home and Community Life, this post is published on the Museum's "O Say Can You See?" blog.

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