Go For Broke Educational Foundation

Grade Range: K-12
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Date Posted: 6/11/2008

A division of the 100th/442nd/MIS WWII Memorial Foundation.

Incorporated in 1989, the 100th/442nd/MIS WWII Memorial Foundation was established by Japanese American World War II veterans to build the Go For Broke Monument as an eternal tribute to the heroics of the segregated Japanese American units. The Monument, located in Downtown Los Angeles at Temple Avenue and Alameda, was unveiled in June 1999 and presented as a gift to the City of Los Angeles. With the Go For Broke Monument built, the Foundation is establishing itself with a new vision and mission as the “Go For Broke Educational Foundation.” The Foundation's educational programs expose students and teachers to the involvement of Japanese American soldiers in World War II, the Japanese American internment and the civil liberties issues raised by these events. To date, the Foundation has set up several programs including: teacher training workshops, Hanashi Oral History Program, and several media projects.

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