Button, Mi CASSA, Campaign for "Real" Choice

Grade Range: K-12
Resource Type(s): Artifacts
Date Posted: 4/16/2018

Pin-back buttons serve many purposes. They are efficient advertising vehicles, handy for fund-raising in support of a cause, concise statements of a person’s beliefs, a form of educational outreach, and convenient ice-breakers for conversation. NMAH has several hundred pin-back buttons related to disability, including this one created by ADAPT. ADAPT is a grass-roots activist organization founded in Denver in 1983. “Campaign for Choice,” refers to their belief that people with disabilities should be able to live in the community rather than in nursing homes or institutions. The image of the wheelchair-user with broken chains illustrates freeing people from the shackles of confinement. “Mi Cassa,” is Spanish for “my home” and the slogan for this movement.