Founding Fragments: Freemason's Snuff Box

Grade Range: 4-12
Resource Type(s): Primary Sources, Interactives & Media
Date Posted: 2/5/2014

A short video, this one is great as a lesson opener! "Freemason's Snuff Box" is the second episode in the NMAH webseries "Founding Fragments." Join host Tory Altman for a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most intriguing and little-known objects.  Hear personal interviews with curators and get a glimpse into non-public spaces at the museum.  This episode focuses on a silver-topped snuff box that was made out of a conch shell.  The snuff box belonged to a freemason in one of the earliest lodges in America and was a wildly luxurious thing to own.  Covered in intricate Masonic symbols, this snuff box is a real thing of beaty and mystery. One of many episodes available on YouTube.

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