National Youth Summit: Our Democracy: The Stories We Tell

Grade Range: 6-12
Resource Type(s): Primary Sources, Lessons & Activities
Duration: 60 minutes
Date Posted: 11/8/2022

Our Democracy: A National Youth Summit civic education series

Over the course of the 2022–2023 school year, we'll release classroom resources that address the driving question, "How do the stories we tell about our past shape our democracy?"

Each case study uses museum objects and artifacts, addresses a supporting question, and includes teacher- and student-facing materials. Each release will be accompanied by a webinar that introduces the case study, will air live for active participation, and will be recorded for asynchronous use.

November 2022 Case Study Forthcoming:
What happens when all or part of your identity is not included in the narrative of U.S. democracy?
Featuring: "The Longest Walk" poster, 1978

January 2023 Case Study Forthcoming:
How do the understandings of democracy change when more perspectives are added?
Featuring: AIDS quilt panel, 1980s

March 2023 Case Study Forthcoming:
What tools are available to shift, expand, or reimagine the story of democracy in the U.S.?
Featuring: "No More Manzanars" protest sign, 2017

April 2023 Program Forthcoming:
The series will conclude with a live teach-in event. More information will be coming in the months ahead with an opportunity to register!

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