Smith and Wesson Schofield Revolver

Grade Range: K-12
Resource Type(s): Artifacts, Primary Sources
Date Posted: 12/13/2010

This Smith & Wesson was found loaded at the Little Big Horn Battlefield in 1883.

The Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver, .45 caliber, was manufactured from 1875 to 1878. The vast majority of the 9,000 guns went to the U.S. Army. Many saw service in the Indian Wars, though they were reported in use as late as the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection. The First Model Schofield has a latch configuration that is rather pointed at the top and has a circle around the screwhead at the bottom. Serial-number range will give you an indication of whether it is First or Second Model; the numbers change from the First Model to the Second Model at a little over 3,000.

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